Chapter 10

 Chapter 10: A New Etheria

Inside the castle a lot had happened. As Clair was brought to the court of the castle, the Raven King had mocked him for thinking he could be King of the Fairies.

Argon started to wonder if they had changed anything by coming, because it reminded him of the past that they had come from. He wondered if he had made a mistake telling the Blue Ogres to stay outside until the rooster crowed. Would the rooster really crow? Was Clair really going to be King? Was there no way to get the Raven King out of the kingdom?

Just as Argon began to sink into despair the door of the East gate flung open and here stood Celio riding his golden-winged lion, with Goldie flying by his side. Celio’s loud voice boomed like thunder.

“Louis release Clair this moment!” All the court was puzzled, who was this, Louis? Then the Raven King replied, “Why should I? I am the rightful King!”

“No,” said Celio looking deep into the Raven King’s eyes, “I only have one fairy son.” Celio then softly said, “My other son decided to turn into a raven and this is not a raven kingdom.” All the ravens and fairies were surprised. Was it true? Was the Raven King once a fairy?

“It is only through control that this kingdom can be great,” said The Raven King.

“No, it is only with being able to be free, that this kingdom will be exactly what it is destined to become,” said Celio.

“My fellow subjects, you get to be free to have fun, to make mischief and live in a kingdom of light and love,” shouted Celio to the crowd. “Clair is my beloved son. The rightful king of Etheria and he will rule by giving you the opportunity to do just that.”

The fairies and even some of the ravens began to cheer. They began to chant “down with the Raven King and up with Clair, the blue fairy being our King”

Just than they could hear the rooster crow and there was more cheering.

The Blue Ogres rushed into the castle and the Raven King looked at them in amazement. The Raven King summoned all this guard to come into the court. Donavan and Rooksby came to his side, but Nick flow next to Clair and unloosed his bands.

With no guard at the North gate, Willa entered the castle. “All those that want me as your king,” shouted the Raven King, “come and stand with us.”.

Willa looked sadly at Clair, ashamed at what she had done. Clair’s eyes were only filled with love.

There were only three ravens that joined the three in the middle of the court. Celio asked if they were sure of their choice.

“All those that would like to see these six cast in prison join me in singing,” said Celio and then he began to sing

“Before the mountains were

Before Etheria was formed

Everlasting to everlasting

Clair was Etheria’s King.”


As all joined into the song Nick bound the six and led them into the deep, dark dungeon of the castle. There was great lightning and thunder heard and then all could hear the rain come down hard on the roof of the castle. The singing stopped for a moment and then Clair started to sing.


Skies may crash down

Waves on the lake may roar

Through it all

I will give you peace.”

And the sky quieted. Only a light pattering was heard on the roof. The court was silent in reverence and joy for their new king. They all knew he would bring peace to the land.

Celio placed the crown on Clair’s head and the castle was filled with light. The fairies shout Victory! Victory! Victory!

There was singing and dancing.

Every fairy was shouting praise to Clair. They knew that he was the rightful Etherian King. Just as Celio had his lion, Clair had Argon, the dragon, that would be his guard, friend and ride whenever he needed it.

Goldie would be among the fairies teaching them about the blessings that gold can bring. Clair looked around for Willa. He couldn’t see her anywhere in the crowd.

As the fairies left the castle to return to their homes, they saw a beautiful rainbow above the castle. Everything smelled so fresh and new. Argon was overjoyed with what was going on. They had done it! Etheria would now be eternally fresh and now.

With Clair on the throne, Etheria was a place very much like Utopia. There was no longer the need for the sun to light the day or Luna to light the night. The light from Clair was always on the land. There was no longer the need to sleep. All of Etheria found rest in knowing there would always be peace. 

 The Blue Ogres divided up by twos to be at every village in Etheria. They stood as a reminder to the fairies and dryads of Etheria, that anyone can change and be at peace. It was just a matter of changing one’s heart.

It took some time for Clair to found Willa. She had been crying ever since the rooster had crowed. “After all that you have done for me, I didn’t stay by your side,” sobbed Willa

Clair embraced Willa. “The reason I shared with you about what would happen was so that you would know it was all meant to be,” Clair lovingly whispered to Willa.

“You should ask Goldie and Argon to share about how they became part of my team,” Clair said with a grin.

Willa wondered, could it be true that others might have betrayed Clair. She did want to talk with Goldie and Argon. She had always assumed that they had been together since the beginning.

As all Etherians got to know Clair, the rightful king of Etheria; they realized what a true leader looks like. He was kind and gentle. There was never an angry word that came out of his mouth.

If anyone made a mistake all they needed to do was acknowledge it and Clair would assist them in knowing the best way to make it right.

What a contrast to the Raven King, when he had ruled. Everyone was afraid to say that they had done anything wrong for fear of the consequences.

Etheria remained a peaceful fairy kingdom. Besides the fairies there were song birds and even ravens but they knew who would take care of them and rejoiced that the Raven King, now only knew as Louis, was in prison and all his loyal followers were with him.

One day LaVon came to the castle. He asked Clair if he could ever be forgiven for what he had done in Azalea. Clair called out, waved his wand and two little fairies came to his side. LaVon recognized them at once. They were the two fairies that had haunted his dreams. He was puzzled at first. Clair looked into his eyes and said, “Everything has a purpose.”

As time went on The Fairy War became only a legend in the minds of the fairies. It was a challenge for them to remember anything but the beautiful Etheria that they now lived in.

There was no more weeping or crying, only joy and rejoicing.

 There was no death know in the kingdom. When a fairy would have their 100th birthday they got to go to Utopia and sit in Counsel with Celio.

The fairies had beautiful home with gardens and vineyards and there was no fairy that would go without. They enjoyed reaping in what they had sow. If there was ever a need among all of Etheria, all they had to do was communicate that need to Clair and that need was taken care of.

Ravens, Ogres, Dryads and Fairies lived side by side, The ravens appreciated every treasure in Etheria. There was no danger anymore; no creature causing harm. 

As the Rooster crowed in the morning, the fairies would share the story of the first crow heard so many years ago. With the sound of meadowlark all realized the importance of  treating everyone kindly. Change is always possible. By letting go of bad feelings Etheria is full of joy.


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